Mabinti Tushike Hatomo Wins the Resolve Award

Mabinti Tushinke Hatomo organization website

Mabinti Tushike Hatamu Project! since its initiation in 2013, has been at the foremost efforts in reducing the vulnerability of adolescent out of school girls aged 10-19 years who are at greater risks of HIV/AIDS, pregnancy and gender based violence targeting these key areas: Dar es Salaam, Iringa and Mbeya .

This project was developed after the identification that young women and girls in eastern and central African countries aged 15-24 years are at greater risks to HIV infections in comparison to men, due to multiple factors. This led Restless Development in association with UNICEF and TACAIDS to launch the Mabinti Tushike Hatamu Project!

Within a few months of the project implementation that was carried out with great efforts in capacitating the out of school girls with sexual reproduction health education, Mabinti Project was recognized and stood out as the Resolve Award Winner among other competitors for its innovative approach of improving sexual reproduction in Tanzania.