Sierra Leone's "Husband School" Wins International Recognition

The Aspen Institute


Sierra Leone Honored for Educating Men on Women's Rights and Health

Geneva, May 22, 2013 — Today, Sierra Leone will receive an Honorable Mention at the prestigious Resolve Award ceremony for its work engaging men in gender equality. The Honorable Ambassador Yvette Stevens of the Sierra Leone Mission to Geneva will accept the honor on behalf of Sierra Leone at an event during the 66th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Resolve Award is granted by the Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health (GLC), a group of eighteen sitting and former heads of state, high-level policymakers and other leaders who support increased access to reproductive health.

While most reproductive health programs are designed to reach and serve women, the Fambul Initiative Network for Equality (FINE) takes a different tactic; FINE works to educate men. "We realized that men have significant impact on women's rights and health," says Reverend George Buannie, Executive Director of FINE. "Men can use their strength to harm women," he adds, "But they can also use their strength to protect and support their wives and daughters."