The New Women's Rights Advocates in Sierra Leone

The Aspen Idea Blog
The Aspen Global Health and Development program flexed its political muscle through the Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health (GLC) at the World Health Assembly in Geneva with Resolve Award. The Global Leaders Council is a delegation of 18 influential leaders committed to creating universal access to reproductive health. With its signature award, the Council honors countries that have taken great leaps to further universal access to reproductive health care. One of this year’s special mention awards goes to Reverend George Buannie’s organization in Sierra Leone: The Fambul Initiative Network for Equality (FINE). FINE takes a unique approach to advocate for women’s rights in the country: engaging men. Buannie believes that his organization will be successful when it can convince fathers, brothers, and husbands that gender-based violence is wrong, and that their participation in women’s reproductive health is not an international concept but a local issue. “We must take it back to the home,” he said. READ FULL ARTICLE >