New Food Security Alliance is Timely for Malawi's Path out of Poverty

The Guardian

At the nutrition for growth summit, held in London this month, Malawi became a member of the G8's new alliance for food security and nutrition. This is a tremendous opportunity to accelerate my government's efforts to generate greater investment in agricultural development.

The new alliance is important as my government doesn't just view agriculture as an essential means to attaining household and national food security; we see it as a business through which our farmers can generate wealth, improve their livelihoods and transform Malawi's economy. None of this can be achieved without private-sector investment.

When I came to power as Malawi's president last year, the economy was broken, suffering a crippling crisis brought about by years of mismanagement, as well as long-term structural issues. We were trapped in a vicious cycle of underdevelopment. Clearly, big changes were required; we could not allow the economy to continue to backslide. The choice was not about whether to act, but how?