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When I was born in 1938, I may well have been the two- billionth person born on the planet. It took only thirty years for the world’s population to grow by more than 50 percent to more than 3 billion. I started taking notice when Silent Spring was published, revealing the serious environmental concerns relating to this rapid population growth. Subsequently, many of us began reading and learning about the profound demographic and environmental challenges facing humanity.

I became convinced of the importance of this issue when I read The Population Bomb, by Paul and Anne Ehrlich. The Ehrlichs deserve credit for opening my eyes and capturing the public’s attention about the rapid pace of population growth. They also raised our collective awareness about the pressure that human needs and numbers put on the ecological systems we depend on for life – the oceans, freshwater, soils, and the atmosphere.

There are 215 million women around the world who wish to prevent pregnancy, but lack access to quality contraceptives, education, information, or services. This number has devastating implications – complications from pregnancy are the leading cause of death of women in their reproductive years, killing an average of 1,000 women per day. That number is just plain unacceptable in this day and age.