Coastal Resource Management, Family Planning Integration Build Resilience in Madagascar and The Gambia

New Security Beat

Growing awareness of the connected challenges of natural resource management, economic growth, and human health has encouraged more integrated models of international development. The experience of two organizations – TRY Oyster Women’s Association, based in The Gambia, and Blue Ventures, based in Madagascar – demonstrates the success of a community-based approach to building resilience, enabling communities to bounce back from adversity and establish a long-term basis for development.

“We have a variety of entry points so that we can engage communities on a variety of different subjects, at different levels, to get buy-in for the work that we do,” said Blue Ventures’ Medical Director Dr. Vik Mohan, speaking at the Wilson Center on July 26. Mohan was joined by Fatou Janha and Kame Westerman to discuss their evolution towards a multi-sectoral approach.