Ebola has Seriously Affected the Development of Teenage Girls in Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Telegraph

According to Sierra Leone News Agency, the director of the country’s reproductive and child health programme in the ministry of health and sanitation – Dr. Santigie Sesay, has confirmed the fears of most people.

Sesay said that the Ebola outbreak has had an adverse impact on the education of teenage girls, as a result of school closure and other factors.

Dr. Sesay was addressing a consultative meeting on the impact of Ebola on teenage girls. Participants included stakeholders drawn from education, social welfare, local government, UNFPA, teachers and pupils from pilot secondary schools.

The meeting was organized by the National Secretariat for the Reduction of Teenage Pregnancy in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Sesay also told delegates that the Ebola virus disease has had a negative impact on those accessing health facilities, because of fear, misconceptions and rumours.