Service Delivery


The Senegalese government noted the country’s low MCPR and high fertility rate and in 2012 launched an ambitious strategy to reverse both by the end of 2015. A fruitful collaboration with partners in the private sector and civil society led to significant strides in elevating family planning at both the national and community levels.

The Resolve Award

The Resolve Award celebrates country-level, public sector leadership in driving innovations in reproductive health policy development, service delivery, and financing mechanisms. The Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health (GLC) recognizes national governments for their leadership and for serving as the hub around which civil society, the private sector, donors, and so many others engage.

The GLC celebrated Senegal with the 2015 Resolve Award for Service Delivery for decreasing stock-outs at health posts of family planning supplies through the Informed Push Model (IPM). This approach streamlines the supply chain using techniques borrowed from the commercial sector to eliminate inventory stock-outs. The outcome is that women have access to a consistent, reliable supply of family planning products. The Ministry of Health developed the system in collaboration with a range of public and private partners to build a robust, sustainable program. The success in Senegal has been dramatic and is already serving as a model for other countries in the region.   

Since the government launched the initiative in 2012:

• The Informed Push Model significantly reduced the number of stock-outs of contraceptives to less than 2% in health facilities in the Pikine and Kaolack districts of Senegal

• As of November 2014, IPM has been implemented across 958 service delivery points in 55 districts across 9 regions and has reduced total stock-outs from 80% to less than 10%